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We are one of the most significant football agencies in Scandinavia. When we first started working with football in 1995 a former national team player started working as a mentor for our young players guiding them the right way in their careers. With this recruitment, we were the first agency to have a full time scout and mentor working with the firm.

Our players are our first priority

According to FIFA’s regulations, a football player can be represented by a close relative, a FIFA–licensed agent or a lawyer. Martin Klette has a law degree and is an agent licensed by the Swedish Football Association. He was also a solicitor until August 2009. We find being an agent with legal education specialized in sports related law is the most advantageous consultancy a player could get. With Martin Klette´s lawyer experience, his main principle is to always give our player´s interest first priority. Many FIFA agents represent two or three parties (the player, and one or both clubs involved in the transfer) at the same time, and end up compromising the player’s interests, due to the will of fulfilling everybody else’s needs. We never carry out negotiations that way, given that the player will loosen its demands. Over the years we have taken notice of a quantity of critical voices, which consider we are too good in captivating our client’s interests, even though it is exactly what we are trying to do. The clubs are often more experienced in negotiating contracts, which makes it even more important for the player to employ proper expertise to face a sometimes complex negotiation.

Other advantages employing us

We have the time and the proficiency to assist a player with all different things he needs help with during his career, due to the fact that we are several people working at the company with different educational backgrounds and knowledge. Furthermore, we have the knowledge in law that other agents normally don’t have. We also have a former national team player as a mentor to our young players, hence we gain a very good football related competence.


In our work promoting our players and finding them new clubs, we co–operate with other lawyers and agents in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. The lawyers assist our clients with important local legal knowledge.

More than football

Many players move at some point in his career to a new country or a new city. This means that a lot of non football related questions emerge. We feel that it is our responsibility to help our players with these matters, everything from regulations regarding taking a car to another country, to tax issues. We also help our clients getting proper insurance coverage against injuries.


As agents, we believe that it is crucial to be 100 percent committed to our clients, both on and off the pitch. Due to the fact that we are many of us working with our football clients, we have the possibility to attend to the player’s games. It is a policy that we have, to visit our clients abroad at least once a year, to check up on them and their families and make sure they are well.