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Alpine skiing

The company has a long tradition of working with alpine skiers, from the time when Björn Wagnsson represented Ingemar Stenmark throughout his entire career. The last decade we have represented several stars, among them Anja Pärsson.

Working with alpine skiers partially differs from working with other athletes, since most of the work is about sponsor agreements. Alpine skiers need sponsor agreements on skis, ski boots, ski poles, goggles, gloves and helmets. Besides these agreements we also co-operate with sponsors where they can use the skiers’ name and/or image in their marketing campaigns. Creating these agreements requires wide knowledge of contract details, assuring the correctness and benefits for the client. Our network and negotiating experience help us ensure that our clients always obtain their market value.

The companies providing skiing equipment and the Swedish Ski Federation are often more experienced in negotiating contracts, which makes it even more important for the alpine skier to employ the proper expertise.